Concentration problems

Do you find it hard to concentrate? Do you feel like you’re spending time not getting results? Are you being talked to and disconnected from the conversation?

Nowadays it is more and more common to do a thousand things simultaneously. Socially, we have experienced a change that forces us to be constantly aware of everything: our mobile phones, computers… and moreover, on these devices leisure time (facebook, instagram, youtube…) is easily mixed with our responsibilities.

Focusing our attention on something specific is becoming more difficult. This lack of concentration is something that has many causes, meaning that it can be due to different reasons. Sometimes there are cultural changes like the ones we have mentioned. However, lack of concentration is often related to anxiety.

There are several studies that show how anxiety alters our memory and attention. When we feel anxious, it is common to go blank, forget conversations, have gaps in what we have done, and, above all, not be able to concentrate.

This is very common in children. A large part of school failure is related to concentration problems, which can be treated with very good results. However, just like any other problem, the longer it takes to act, the more difficult it is to make a change afterwards, so early intervention can avoid future problems.

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