Sleeping problems

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Do you have problems to sleep? do you feel that you don’t rest properly? do you spend hours in bed not being able to sleep? do you wake up unable to sleep several hours in a row?

Insomnia (sleeping difficulties) can take many forms. Some people suffer from insomnia in a transitory or temporary way, that is to say, there are periods in their life when people cannot sleep. This type of insomnia is usually accompanied by some specific cause.

However, it is very common for insomnia to be chronic, and a person may not be able to sleep well for a long time, even for years.

There are different types of insomnia: some people have difficulty falling asleep, others wake up early and don’t go back to sleep, some can’t maintain their sleep and wake up every few hours throughout the night, and in the most severe cases, a mixture of all these types occurs.

Sleeping difficulties are often caused by psychological problems, such as anxiety ( excitement, nerves, sweating, accelerated pulse, etc.) or depression (deep sadness, lack of motivation, inability to enjoy, isolation…).

Sometimes, there are other causes, such as bad sleeping habits: irregular schedules, unbalanced eating habits, lack of routine, and other factors that can hinder a good quality of sleep.

If you have already seen your doctor, it is likely that you are taking some sleep medication. Unfortunately, medications aren’t a cure, that is, they don’t solve the cause of the problem, they simply eliminate the symptoms. The result is that people end up depending on drugs to help them sleep.

If you’re looking for an alternative to medication, therapy may be what you’re looking for. Usually, when we feel better emotionally, we also have better rest.

If you haven’t been able to sleep well for a while, don’t wait any longer and click here to ask for your first free consultation.